Terms and Conditions

  1. A contract will be binding between CJP 4×4 and the customer upon the booking of a car service.
  2. Any contracts with CJP 4×4 or Christopher Paterson require two signatures, one from Christopher Paterson & one from a director. If this is not the case the contact will be deemed null and void.
  3. If you place an order via the telephone or internet you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into a contract of sale and that you are at least 18 years old and reside in the UK.
  4. CJP 4×4 will provide details of the costs of each car service and the work required before the work is completed. All work and costs, including additional work found must be approved by the customer before the work commences.
  5. If the car service cannot be completed within 1 day due to circumstances beyond CJP 4×4 control, an adviser from the firm will contact the customer and inform them accordingly. Circumstances relating to this for example could be parts not being delivered on time as promised or the work may take longer to complete than originally estimated to the customer.
  6. All additional work carried out is subject to VAT as required by law.
  7. Special oils or parts may be required for your vehicle service (depending on your vehicle manufacturer). These may have an additional charge and a CJP adviser will inform you of the costs on the day of your service.
  8. All parts used will adhere to the manufacturers service schedule and warranty and will be ‘original equipment’ (OE) standard ensuring all warranties are validated.
  9. Once the car service is completed. Payment will be due immediately by the following payment methods (debit card, credit card or cash). The vehicle will then be returned to the customer on full payment. If payment is not made on the due date of the invoice, CJP 4×4 will make an additional charge of 2.5% above bank base rate daily until the invoice is cleared in full.
  10. CJP 4×4 does not accept liability for any damage or losses suffered by the customer for the storage of its vehicle at its premises.
  11. The customer has the right to cancel the car service at anytime as long as any of the agreed work to date has been paid for up until the point of cancellation.
  12. Collection and Delivery is free. CJP 4×4 and the insurance cover on any courtesy or replacement vehicle provided by CJP 4×4 will normally be covered by the garages insurance. In the event of a claim on the insurance, the customer will be liable to pay the amount of the excess on the insurance. The customer must also adhere to the terms and conditions of the said policy put in place by the garage. If insurance is not applicable to a courtesy car, CJP 4×4 will inform the customer who will then be required to provide their own insurance. Collection and Delivery time may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. A CJP 4×4 team member will always endeavour to contact you accordingly.
  13. CJP 4×4 will not be responsible or liable for any unforeseeable losses. Losses that were not caused by CJP 4×4 employees, agents or representatives negligence or for any business losses. This does not affect any claim that the customer may have for death or personal injury. Nothing in this condition will affect the customers statutory rights that the works are performed with die skill and care, that the goods supplied are of a satisfactory quality and are fit for their purpose and that the products and services correspond with their description.
  14. CJP 4×4 will not be responsible for any loss of valuable items left by the customer and are not connected to the vehicle or damage to such items.
  15. CJP 4×4 will not be liable for any damage or delays in services provided if the reasons are to down to “an act of God”, “industrial actions such as strikes”, “Government disputes” or factors to be deemed out of the control of CJP 4×4.
  16. Health and Safety Laws will apply where applicable when customer vehicle is serviced.
  17. CJP 4×4 will endeavour to resolve all disputes amicably and professionally normally within 28 days. If the dispute should take longer, CJP 4×4 will notify the customer accordingly.